About Hudson Plus

Hudson Plus is the result of a 20+ year friendship between Costume Designer, Bree Perry and Hair & Makeup Artist, Jamie Bednarchick.  We are Plus-sized TV & Film Pros who help people look and feel their best for a living.  We share the mindset that people deserve equal access to style regardless of body size or gender norms. 

We wanted to create an inclusive space where human beings in human bodies could shop clothing for larger bodies. We source the best of both Modern and Vintage Thrift to suit a variety of styles and sizes.

At Hudson Plus, we understand that even though traditional sizing is gendered, style has no gender. Therefore when we use the terms “Masc” & “Femme", please know that they are only meant as an aid for sizing purposes based upon their original designation. We have also included measurements for all garments because, well, we all know how truly arbitrary sizing can feel. 

We hope you find pieces for your home and body that you love!